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Lace Wigs

Lace Front wigs are seen on celebrities, musicians and the top runway models every day. Everyone from Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton are wearing these pieces. If a lace wig is professionally fitted it can leave the wearer with a feeling of freedom. They are very light, cool and very breathable.


In comparison to the weave, they are the ultimate in comfort. They also are virtually invisible and undetectable to sight and touch. This is the most natural looking way to change your look but with that comes high maintenance and care.


A great advantage to wearing lace wigs is they can hide damaged hair lines or give overall coverage if you want to give your own hair a rest or keep your hair free from chemical processing.


Whether you are looking for a product that offers a beautiful image change, a solution to excessive hair-loss, thinning hair and hair-loss from alopecia or chemotherapy, a lace front or full lace cap unit may be the answer.


How to Wear a Lace Wig

  1. Put on wig and adjust hairline.

  2. Placement should look natural.

  3. Clean area along the edges of natural hair with cleaning agent.

  4. Apply glue along the perimeter of the hairline, and let it dry for 60 seconds.

  5. After glue dries, trim lace one inch at a time.

  6. When done, wig should look natural and hairline clean.

  7. Apply glue remover one inch at a time and remove wig slowly.

  1. Clean forehead area with cleaning fluid and cloth.

  2. Place more tapes to cover a good portion of the hairline.

  3. Peel off tape skin to reveal other side of the double-sided tape.

  4. Put on lace wig. Make sure hairlines of wig and head match.

  5. Once hairlines match, press edges firmly with fingertips to secure wig on tapes underneath.

  6. Snip lace off right at the hairline, one inch at a time. The end result should have a clean wig hairline on forehead.